Month: June 2019

Are you sitting comfortably? Stand up! The new efficiency: working while standing!

  • Friday June 7th, 2019 | Trends

The theory has become living practice. An increasing number of companies are fitting their office workspaces with electrically height-adjustable desks. This makes child’s play out of a quick change in position. Still, there are many different ways of standing. Movement is a natural human need. However, from a very young age, we are trained to …

New work: new break. How architecture transforms break room designs.

“Sometimes you need a little break so that you can see things differently.” This and many other phrases decorate the colourful calendar in the offices. However, it isn’t known among all employees how much truth lies behind these “phrases to make you think”. Breaks are an important and essential part of our motivation. If you …

Open units instead of open space.

The concept of open space is particularly fashionable just now. For some, it is an exciting vision of a digitised work environment. For others, it sounds more like a dangerous threat, equal to that of open-plan offices and desk sharing. So how much openness does a contemporary office need? A critical analysis between errors and …

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