Coworking Space: creative coworking landscapes as a symbol of the new work approach.

By Franz Gurtner, 09.10.2019

A healthy work environment results from many individual factors, beginning with the specific corporate culture. It requires a motivating and inspiring setting as well as acoustic and climatic comfort – and last but not least, sophisticated ergonomic workstations. 

The trend towards coworking was originally conceived as a modern and low-cost place to go for freelancers and startups: people who do not directly work with each other but can use mutual synergies through the shared and inspiring workspace. And who also form a community which fulfils the important social tasks of interaction and cooperation.

More and more companies are now establishing and using in-house coworking spaces within their organisation: Here, employees work together with external freelancers and crowdworkers; temporary project teams are formed and retreat zones created for quick meetings. Collaboration is encouraged and the spontaneous exchange of views all but provoked! In design terms, coworking spaces offer many freedoms: industrial style or living room, lounge or open space, creative landscape or urban marketplace.

The crucial thing is that coworking spaces offer changing work environments which in turn offer a supportive setting depending on the specific task.


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