How to be productive at Home.

By Isabela Adamikova , 02.04.2020

Cannot go to work and your „home-office” is to be your new busy office? Read bellow what you should do in order not to forget your working-habits and to have some productive work done, really.


You are at work, not on holidays

Being at home might seem as having a time-off. However, you don´t! You´re at work while physically being at home. So, let’s try to get up as if you were going to work, wash up and get dressed as if you were about to leave home – and start working at 9:00 a.m. It´s as important to plan your COB hours as to know your opening ones. Having a home office might easily slide into working – a little bit- all- the – time. However, it is much better to concentrate fully and then switch off fully.


Get rid of procrastination

To avoid cleaning your windows and vacuum cleaning instead of having your office-work done, plan carefully your day – ideally a day ahead – and stick to it! The plan can consist of bunch of tasks or real productive working hours – the key factor is to have it done, really. You can enjoy vacuum cleaning once you have your office-work done.



Even though you are a planning-champion, it may easily happen that you are not living alone. Communication is the key. Agree with your partner that one of you has the responsibility for household and children for a certain period of time, while the other one is at work. And then switch the roles. During the day, there can easily be more than one such period. Thirty minutes of concentrated work would be mor productive than one hour of procrastination, truly.


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