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From the desktop to the cloud. Is the end of the classic office near?

Working where and when you want, or would you rather have a designated desk in the office? Opinions are divided on this issue. One thing is certain: we are currently in the midst of a rapid process of digital change. Remote working is becoming more and more established and brings with it numerous freedoms, while …

Ciao kitchen chair! Work ergonomically even at home.

  • Friday March 19th, 2021 | Trends

At the kitchen table, on the sofa, or even in bed? Where did you set up office at home? It’s no problem to make yourself comfortable with your notebook on the sofa for a short time. However, for a longer-term move to working from home, care should be taken to ensure an ergonomic working environment. …

The home office check: Standards, policies, laws

A few months ago, all you had on your kitchen table were some bread, marmalade and some coffee, now it has been re-purposed and serves as your work desk – at least there is still room on it for the coffee. Most employees have by now gotten used to working from home. What many have …

Office architecture in the new decade. How do leading architects see the future of the office?

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