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Let’s be merry and bright! Motivation at the workplace for the pre-Christmas period

  • Thursday November 18th, 2021 | Trends

The first of December not only marks the beginning of Advent, but for many also the start of a steadily increasing slump in motivation. In the last month of the year, when the Christmas holidays are fast approaching, it is often difficult to summon up the energy needed for office work. According to a study …

Boreout: When an underload becomes an overload.

  • Wednesday May 5th, 2021 | Trends

While the classic burnout, i.e. a physical-psychological state of exhaustion caused by too much stress and an excessive workload, has been a familiar problem in the world of work for a long time, so-called boreout has rarely been examined to date. In this instance, insufficient demands at the workplace over a long period cause symptoms …

Joking aside: Why humour is important in the workplace.

  • Monday February 22nd, 2021 | Trends

No joke. If you show a sense of humour in the office, you strengthen teamwork and are more successful. We will explain to you why you can play the clown here and there, and when it’s time to stop being amusing.   Just kidding. Many entrepreneurs are afraid that a humorous corporate culture will compromise …

Zalando Headquarter: Screaming guideline for shoe fetishists

Berlin-based online giant Zalando has moved into its new headquarters in Friedrichshain. The central element in the concrete spaceship, planned by Henn und Kinzo, is the atrium in the middle of the building, a sort of vertical marketplace for everyone. And with a bit of luck, on the floors one will find many a quote …

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