Four useful online tools for your home office.

By Isabela Adamikova, 21.04.2020

We have some amazing app tips for your productivity at home. Concentration and time management is the key.


Ergonomics Video: Mission Backbone

We have good and bad news about sitting. The good news first: anyone can sit. The bad news is that correct sitting has to be learned. How you will learn in this video. In the office you are sitting on an ergonomic chair. You should also pay attention to ergonomic sitting in your home office. This video will show you how. And don’t forget: keep moving. Remember to get up sometimes and walk a few steps.


Daily Water Tracker Reminder

If you fully concentrate on your project work, you can easily forget about the world around you – including your bio needs, such as drinking water. This easy app will remind you of having your fluids in balance. Set your daily water intake goal and then log every milliliter with just a tap. View a detailed stats update after every glass to see how close you are getting to your daily goal, or review 7- and 30-day charts for an idea of your overall progress.



A smart stopwatch monitoring your time spent on projects. Insert the name of your project and client and start the watch. By the end of the day, week or month you can review your stats. The paid version enables to create solid reports, useful for every accounting department. This is a gorgeous procrastination killer: the watch is watching you! 😉


Off-time app

With the off-time app you can block disturbing notifications, calls and texts, and even limit access to applications over a chosen period of time. The result: no more digital distractions. Ideal for everyone who is looking for some time out, to be completely concentrated at work or simply craving a moment of peace!


For more information about how to be prodictive in your home office, read our article “How to be productive at Home.”

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