Clean-your-computer day: More order in the virtual filing cabinet.

By Helena Pumberger, 08.02.2021

Where on earth did I save that document? A question you’ve probably asked yourself on several occasions. It is easiest to answer when your own digital workplace is tidy. If you have to fight your way through confusing and poorly organised file systems, you will waste time at the cost of your nerves. This is reason enough to really declutter and reorganise on today’s “Clean-your-computer day”, because a computer clean-up should not only be carried out on the external hardware, but above all in the system. We have prepared a few tips for you to help you work flawlessly (digitally).


Get out the feather duster.

 Nevertheless, start with the appliance itself first. Dust your equipment and check the ventilation slots. Dirt and dust on the fan will prevent the PC from being properly ventilated, and can even cause heat to accumulate, which makes it noisier. A lot of grime and germs can accumulate on your computer keyboard in particular. To clean, first disconnect the keyboard from the computer to avoid unwanted commands. Then turn the keyboard over and shake out the coarse dust. The next step is to use a gentle cleaning agent or disinfectant. Do not use too much liquid, especially in the case of laptops, in order to safeguard the technology.


Reorganise the hard drive.

What used to be in the classic filing cabinet is now stored on the PC or in the cloud. Keeping the virtual cabinet tidy and clean becomes all the more important if you share storage space. If you don’t have a system yet, you should first consider how all your files can be clearly arranged. Create file systems that have meaningful names and comprehensible subcategories. Look through your documents and sort them, or delete those that aren’t useful. Rubbish on your computer should also be disposed of regularly, because full hard drives will slow it down. You can adopt the so-called Eisenhower principle here. The most important thing is to maintain this reorganised structure permanently, and always store your files in the right place. Interim storage such as the desktop should be avoided at all costs if you want a clutter-free PC workspace.

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