What type of office chair user are you?

By Christa Schwandtner, 05.09.2019

There are a great variety of seating options for the office. The most important chair is still the office chair. Here too, the choice is huge. You can find out which type of office chair user you are here. 😉 


The creative type:

You love beautiful things. Your jacket shows off your favourite bag to full advantage and you wear a range of funny socks depending on your mood. In your job you are responsible for creative ideas. Your desk looks as though it came right out of a Pinterest blog. The design of your office chair must also reflect your creative spirit. Not only that, you also want to be able to spend hour after hour brooding in it.


The type who cannot sit still:

Even in primary school you were the one who woke your classmates up with a loud bang during lessons when your chair toppled over with you in it to the floor. You just cannot sit still and that hasn’t changed to this day. Rocking, swinging and turning. Have you ever tried a gymnastics ball or an office chair with Ergo-Balance 3D technology? The advantage of a chair like this is that you cannot fall off it.


The functionalist:

You are an advocate of desk sharing and work every day in a different place. You focus on the function of things. Their appearance is of secondary importance. Your preference is for  equipment which is always easy to operate, so that no valuable working time is wasted on operating instructions. Even when it comes to the office chair, you only want to have to use your two familiar grips – whether you are sitting at the window seat or at the other end of the office building.


The always-on-the-go type:

You ” hop ” so to speak from appointment to appointment. Meetings don’t just take place in conference rooms, but wherever you want. You can be found on the roof terrace of a café or in a co-working space, or you deliberately stay at home on the couch with your notebook on your lap – because that’s all you need for working. You’re flexible and work efficiently. You never spend much time in one place. It’s exactly the same with your “office chair” – in the morning a park bench, in the afternoon a chair in the cafeteria and in the afternoon a comfortable armchair in the co-working space.


The highly concentrated type:

You always arrive at the office at the same time each morning, make a beeline for the coffee machine and go straight to your workplace – where you stay until the end of the day. Your office chair is just as important to you as your closest colleague: uncomplicated, does its job and doesn’t ask stupid questions. And above all, it has to be reliable. You spend more time in the office on your swivel chair than anywhere else. That’ s why it’s important for you that your chair is operational around the clock and above all that it’s comfortable.


The boss:

You spend hardly any time at all at your desk and don’t have many functional demands on your chair. Nevertheless, everyone needs to recognise instantly that this is where the boss sits. You would actually need a throne, but a headrest and expensive leather covers are also acceptable.

But remember: we’re working in the 21st century. Displaying hierarchy is out. 😉

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