The miracle of daylight.

By Christa Schwandtner, 27.02.2019

Miracle of Daylight

Many people spend the whole day at the workplace with artificial light and no view of the outside world. However, studies prove: daylight and looking outside have a positive effect on our wellbeing and increase our performance.

Daylight has a valuable influence on health and the biorhythm of the human body. It is especially essential for controlling our hormone levels – it promotes the production of mood-boosting hormones serotonin and noradrenaline and helps to significantly reduce the hormone melatonin that make us tired and the stress hormone cortisol.

The regulating effect of daylight leads Arnulf Hartl, Head of the Institute for Ecomedicine at the PMU, back to the fact that our hormonal balance is influenced via the human eye. The fundamental difference to artificial light is that the incoming light changes dynamically throughout the day. In addition to the positive effects on our wellbeing, daylight also increases our performance. Scientific studies show: daylight makes an important contribution and reduces stress when performing tasks which involve thinking. Employees work 18% more efficiently, students achieve 5 – 14 percent better test results and learn 20 – 26 percent faster. Using the positive effects of daylight is thus elementary when it comes to office space.


Getting a window seat.

Views of outside also make a significant difference. Employees with a workspace close to a window and a good view of outside report the fewest health problems. The study results confirm this: memory performance is improved by approx. 10 – 25 percent and hospital visits are 8.5 percent shorter. In addition, a view of the outside keeps you cheerful.


Daylight creates wellbeing:

  • Creates a good working climate.
  • Increases performance.
  • Strengthens our immune system.
  • Lifts our mood.
  • Helps against lethargy and tiredness.
  • Regulates the nervous system.

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