Rethinking the Office: New working environments.

By Franz Gurtner, 24.01.2019

The core competence of Wiesner-Hager is turning classic offices into contemporary creative spaces for modern work formats. With the motto ‘Think New Work’, Wiesner-Hager presents innovations for the different tasks in the office working and living space.


etio Workbench: Free space for agile working.

With etio, Wiesner-Hager has developed an office desk programme which emotionally charges efficient working and creates a stimulating and energetic environment. The bench is the latest part of the etio office desk family and is available in three lengths for four, six or eight people. It is the answer to increasing need for flexibility in office use: concentrated work, communication and coordination as well as temporary use can be depicted together in a comfortable and space-saving way.


yuno Office: The refined, flexible workspace.

Wiesner-Hager also presented yuno Office at Orgatec 2018. Originally designed as a stacking table for communication spaces, yuno was expanded to allow use in the office: a multi-functional box can be docked to yuno and turns it into a fully-fledged workspace in no time at all. The box serves as a port for power, network or charging adapters, or even as a lockable storage box for utensils and valuable items. The desk remains free from cables and keeps its full mobility: the mini rollers installed in the frame sliders allow the table to be moved easily from A to B – to quickly rearrange the office layout. This makes using yuno Office interesting, even in dynamic working environments, as you would find, for example, in coworking spaces or project work rooms. Cloud and Phone Box: Your charming companion in the team office.

With both innovations, Wiesner-Hager is connecting two important factors in an open-plan team office: communication and concentration.

The meeting desk group Cloud allows an unconventional exchange of information within a team. The decorative textile roof acts as a subtle shielding without visually or actually restricting the desk group. The Cloud is available with integrated lighting and plug-in for mobile technical devices.

As a counterpart of the Cloud, the Phone Box allows the worker to withdraw for concentrated work or telephone or Skype conversations. Unlike the sound-proof room-in-room concepts, the Phone Box is an open screen solution which also increases the acoustic screening thanks to the noise-absorbing foam inlays without being completely closed off. The wide selection of different materials allows for creative interior design.

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