Month: October 2017

Making sure the message gets across: communication rooms in transition

Communication is a success factor and the importance of good communication for the success of a company is an unchallenged fact. We take a close look here into what contribution rooms can make to the improvement of communication quality and we present all the latest trends for the planning of a communication room.   “You …

Once upon a time… There was paper

  • Thursday October 19th, 2017 | New work

The paperless office revolution has failed to materialise. A certain paper diet can nevertheless be observed. Where to put the data? What has to be adhered to? And what possibilities are opened up to the new surfaces? An essay about the real and virtual storage areas in our office.   “Our entire office currently operates …

The greatest enemy to innovation: experience! How our thinking makes us blind to new ideas.

  • Thursday October 19th, 2017 | Trends

Paradoxical but true – we are often prevented from having the most exciting ideas due to our own entirely unconscious attitudes, which compel us to think in familiar patterns. Yet there are means and techniques to break out of the routine ways of thinking and thus encourage innovations!   From complex budget decisions to routine …

Scrum: team office sport?!

  • Tuesday October 3rd, 2017 | Trends

Products develop more rapidly and flexibly with scrum management. Inspired by plays from the sport of rugby and with roots in the IT branch, this agile work approach breathes fresh air into a company.   Mornings at half nine in Germany in the development department of a software company: All of the desks are abandoned, …

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