Month: April 2018

“Walk and Talk” meetings

“Sitting has become the smoking of our generation”– with this statement Nilofer Merchant advertises the new trend of “Walk and Talk” meetings, holding the view that people don’t have to sit each meeting out.   According to a topical study people spend sitting 9.3 hours a day on average – these are more hours than …

Why Some Enterprises are Fitter than Others

Workplace health promotion is a complex issue that has become a real success factor and a significant employer branding tool. Nevertheless, the trend also has its weak spots.   Workplace health promotion is an issue subject to constant change. Twenty years ago it was simply a matter of accident prevention, the focus later shifting exclusively …

Off to the box! Some handy hints for relocation management

New relevance of central zones

What can be done with the underexposed area in the centre of the office? More options are becoming available, at least in theory. In practice, however, employers are afraid of too much comfort and too little efficiency. Studies prove the opposite: an attractively designed central zone with recreational areas and spaces for letting off steam …

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