Month: March 2019

Bon appétit! Lunch@Work.

  • Monday March 25th, 2019 | Trends

Everybody who works should take a break from time to time. This is even required by law. In Austria, anyone working more than six hours a day is entitled to a break of at least half an hour. This time is usually set aside for lunch – but are these breaks being used efficiently?   …

Change or Die: An interview with Dr. Birgit Feldhusen

Technological innovations and the values endorsed by the next generation radically change corporate culture. On this note, ALPHAZIRKEL Austria and Wiesner-Hager organized a panel discussion in Vienna entitled “Change or Die: The End of the Traditional Company through New Forms of Organization?”. Dr. Birgit Feldhusen, director of the competence area “Future Organizations” at the Danube …

The seat to my right is free… How sitting next to the right person can increase productivity.

Today’s employee is super flexible and will do their work wherever there is space to do so. Who he/she sits next to is completely irrelevant. This is, in short, the philosophy behind desk sharing. However, is this really the case?   This is the question asked by Cornerstone onDemand, the leading provider for talent management …

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