Month: January 2021

Modern creative spaces. How one boosts creative potential.

  • Wednesday January 27th, 2021 | New work

Creativity cannot be regulated! But it can be brought into swing. With the right people and an inspiring atmosphere, for example. However, what is also clear is the need for the  corporate culture that allows creativity in the first place. Creativity describes people’s ability to operate creatively. To develop ideas and stimulate innovations – in …

The office of the future is hybrid.

  • Thursday January 14th, 2021 | New work

Within a very short time, the coronavirus pandemic has curtailed the number of business trips and the economy has converted to remote operations overnight. Communication was relocated to the net, while online meetings are suddenly part of the daily routine. No-one disputes that this development will be a sustained one. And it also impacts on …

Office architecture in the new decade. How do leading architects see the future of the office?

An office full of team spirit.

Due to the coronavirus, companies will focus on two different strategies in future – socialisation in the virtual space and the joint spirit in the real office. Two experts take a crystal ball look into the new decade.   “Ms Miller is working from home today but you are welcome to contact her by e-mail …

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