Month: March 2023

What’s on your desk, Michaela Wolf?

The buildings designed by Bergmeisterwolf are a radical addition to the landscape, and enter into sometimes poetic, sometimes jarring dialogue with their surroundings; they irritate people, rub them up the wrong way, provoke arguments, but in the end are so harmonious within themselves that you don’t want to change any aspect of them. And the …

Dress code for the office: Swapping pumps for sneakers!

  • Wednesday March 1st, 2023 | Trends

They are among the most trusty companions when working from home, because they are comfy, no-fuss and timeless. We’re talking about traditional jogging bottoms. Karl Lagerfeld would presumably strongly disagree but, for sheer comfort, jogging bottoms were the must-have item of clothing during the pandemic. And because, as we all know, humans are creatures of …

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