The outdoor office: TGW Activity Garden.

By Helena Pumberger, 01.06.2021

The positive effects of nature on work and health have already been recognised by some companies. Which is why the intralogistics specialist TGW has picked up on a new trend: the Activity Garden. These are outdoor areas where employees can work, recharge their batteries and entertain themselves.

Our gaze often wistfully wanders from our desks to the outdoors, especially in the spring and summer months. There is only one consolation in the office: to maybe catch a few rays of sunshine after work. But what if you could simply move the workplace outside?

This is possible in the Activity Garden. This is a new trend of creating dedicated outdoor areas for employees. From shaded workspaces, to barbecue areas for after work and weekends, to a variety of sports options, the Activity Garden is designed to give workers a break from office work.


Sport, leisure and work.

The intralogistics specialist TGW has already put the “Activity Garden” concept into practice. An extensive outdoor area covering 9,000 square metres has been created exclusively for employees and their families. A motor skills course is available for coordination, balance and endurance training. Strength, agility and speed training is possible at various stations, for example climbing courses or a standing rope swing. “We can only successfully implement our international projects with motivated employees. Which is why we want to create an environment where our employees feel comfortable and can fully develop their potential,” says Harald Schröpf, CEO of TGW Logistics Group. For more sporting activities there is also a running track, a sports field and pavilions for yoga and fitness.

If you want to go outside in nice weather, you can use one of the outdoor workplaces or move meetings outside. You can also get some fresh air with so-called “walk and talk” meetings. If you have conversations outside in the Activity Garden instead of in the conference room, you can enjoy the weather and do something good for your health at the same time. After all, numerous illnesses are the direct result of a lack of exercise. Walk and talk meetings also activate brain power, which in turn sparks new ideas. Simply walking a bit outdoors in between also clears the mind and boosts concentration. “Many of our 2,000 Upper Austrian employees use the Activity Garden for sport and fitness, for balance during their lunch break or for outdoor meetings,” adds Schröpf.


Outdoor facilities are particularly well suited to informal communication and enjoying breaks together. The chance to be outside motivates you to go for a walk or have lunch on the bench in the shade. Barbecue areas offer the option to spend time together after work. The area is also open to TGW employees on weekends. If they like, they can use the Activity Garden with their family.


Alternatives for everyday life outdoors.

If you don’t have an Activity Garden yet but still want to benefit from nature and sunshine, you can also create a bit of an outdoor feeling in the office. Plants on the windowsill are often all it takes to bring the necessary green into the room. Regular ventilation gets rid of stuffy air and boosts concentration. A view outside is also motivating. Lunch breaks can be used for a walk, or to eat outdoors.

So good news for all daydreamers: you don’t necessarily have to stay in a dark office until the end of the working day. Sunbathing and productive work can be perfectly combined.


Photos: TGW

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