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A rush like back then.

In a former opium factory in Shanghai, work is now colourful and cheerful. The New York coworking provider WeWork, in cooperation with the Chinese design firm Linehouse, has created a retro-tropical Oriental bouquet here that kind of blows your mind. Opium has played a major role in Chinese culture since the Qing Dynasty. In the …

Boreout: When an underload becomes an overload.

  • Wednesday May 5th, 2021 | Trends

While the classic burnout, i.e. a physical-psychological state of exhaustion caused by too much stress and an excessive workload, has been a familiar problem in the world of work for a long time, so-called boreout has rarely been examined to date. In this instance, insufficient demands at the workplace over a long period cause symptoms …

Joking aside: Why humour is important in the workplace.

  • Monday February 22nd, 2021 | Trends

No joke. If you show a sense of humour in the office, you strengthen teamwork and are more successful. We will explain to you why you can play the clown here and there, and when it’s time to stop being amusing.   Just kidding. Many entrepreneurs are afraid that a humorous corporate culture will compromise …

Modern creative spaces. How one boosts creative potential.

  • Wednesday January 27th, 2021 | New work

Creativity cannot be regulated! But it can be brought into swing. With the right people and an inspiring atmosphere, for example. However, what is also clear is the need for the  corporate culture that allows creativity in the first place. Creativity describes people’s ability to operate creatively. To develop ideas and stimulate innovations – in …

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